Wavy Hair

Wavy hair pattern is classified as type 2 hair with sub-type 2a, 2b, and 2c. Wavy hair lies somewhere between straight hair and curly hair hence the name wavy. A hair strand will form a distinct 'C' shape when short and an 'S' shape when longer. You can determine if your hair is wavy if it curves in its 'C' shape or 'S' shape and lay flat against your scalp. Type 2 hair pattern is a bit shiny, more than curly hair, but much less than straight hair. The longer the length of your waves, the less sheen you will possess at the tips. Wavy hair is typically more prone to frizz and 2a wavies can easily alternate between straight and curly styles, while 2b and 2c wavies are more resistant to styling. 2a (pictured left above) is usually fine and thin while 2b (pictured in the middle) is medium textured and 2c (pictured at the right) is coarse and thick. Caring for your wavy hair will be similar to that of straight hair with a few exception in product choices. It is suggested that straight hair is washed about every 2-3 days, anything over that can tend to dry out your tresses.

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