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This webpage is about my Site Policies. I hope to earn and maintain your trust, and present you with an informative and pleasant online experience.


A Disclaimer about the contents of my website, the safe use of the information available on my website, and its results.

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I value my privacy on the Internet. Visiting a website, I choose to remain as anonymous as possible until I feel that website can be trusted with my personal contact information.

As a guest to my website, you should also receive that same respect in your right to privacy.

Your personal information is very important. So I've created a Privacy Policy to disclose my information gathering and dissemination practices for this website. Read my Privacy Policy here....


Yes, all this legal information such as this can be really boring to read. Nevertheless, I encourage you to carefully read my Terms of Use before using this website. It basically covers important areas like copyright restrictions on the use of my online information, submission of your online material to me, and my limitation of liability.

By using this website, you automatically agree to my Terms of Use, so you should know what they are. Of course, if you don't agree, please don't use this website.

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