Hair Texture: What's Your Quality?

Hair texture is one of the four structures used to analyze our hair type, its interwoven strands are what makes its characteristic unique. Hair texture is a matter of each hair's width and the circumference of your hair strand itself. Our hair textures vary individually just as much as our hair pattern varies.Hair texture is grouped into three categories classified as coarse, medium, or fine.

Course Texture

Naturally course textured hair is strongest of the three for apparently obvious reasons. Coarse hair has the largest circumference and greatest diameter. It's important to know which category you fall under because course textured hair can be hard to manage and harder to process, it can also be resistant to hair coloring, perming, and even straightening. Course texture tends to be drier than the other textures as well.

Medium Texture

Medium textured hair is more of the norm out of the three and takes less effort to maintain. It is neither too thick nor too thin, and it is strong and elastic. Medium textured hair indicates a middle-range of the size of your hair shaft and it poses no special considerations regarding processing or chemical services. If your hair is in good condition it is usually tolerant of chemical processes along with heat related processes such as curling and straightening.

Fine Texture

Fine texture hair is very much delicate, and easily damaged. Fine textured hair can have a varying degrees of elasticity and porosity. It absorbs chemicals fairly quickly so chemical services such as color, perm, and texturizer should be done with great consideration. A lot of special care is required to keep fine textured hair healthy and happy.

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