Can Hair Texture Change?

Getting down to the nitty gritty of that question is an absolute YES!!! shocked or even surprised well don't be. It is perfectly normal for hair texture to change throughout life, whether you are male, female, black, white, or anything else in between you might be. if you fall within any of those categories then you are bound to experience a change of hair texture sometime throughout your lifetime possibly more then once.

How Hair Texture Changes

Ever wonder why a newborn is birthed with silky fine hair only to have it changed as they grow? Well the fact of the matter is that's suppose to happen. It is not fully understood yet how OR why hair changes texture, it's just one of those things that happens in life.

As our body ages, we notice changes in our hair texture from newborn to adolescence and from adulthood to older. Humans are genetically programmed to operate this way.

Why Hair Texture Changes

Numerous factors are considered as to why hair texture changes, some to include those listed below.

Hormones & Stress

Your hormones play a large part in the texture of your hair. You may find that the greatest changes in your hair occur with the greatest surges in hormones i.e. puberty, pregnancy and menopause. Countless chemical changes occur in the body to prepare us for these events and among these changes are chemical alterations to the hair on the legs, body, genitals and head.

Age & Diet

Hair changes texture (and even color) naturally as a person ages by affecting how the follicles grow. the follicles may grow hair more slowly causing hair to fall out, and grow back more coarse. 
Changing diets can significantly alter the hair's texture. What you eat will cause your hair texture to change either for the better or worse.

Those who consume a diet high in vitamin E and omega-6 fatty acids will enjoy healthy and shiny hair, while those who consume a diet low in nutrients, or who drink a lot of alcohol may find that their hair feels drier and coarse. Like any other organ in your body, your hair will need sufficient nutrition to be at its healthiest. A multivitamin can help you gain healthier hair after a texture change has occurred for the worst.

Products & Environment

Another influence on hair texture that might be familiar to most of us is the application of hair care products. Special shampoos and conditioners can chemically alter hair to adhere to a desired pattern, making it coarser or smoother as desired. Harsh chemical treatments (relaxer, color, texturizer) can also alter the hair to make it considerably different from its natural texture.

Individuals who move from one climate to another, or who spend massive amounts of time in different climates, may notice changes in their hair texture. These changes are due to the environmental impacts on the hair, as factors like sunlight exposure and humidity can influence the texture of human hair. Dry air with lots of sunlight can actually damage hair on a physical level, while humid environments can wreak havoc on hair's natural patterns.

Improve Hair Texture

Now that you have been informed that hair texture has the ability to change you can choose to do something about it if the change is not to your liking. CLICK HERE to learn what you can do for your hair...

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