Improve Your Hair Texture

Many people are unhappy with the natural texture of their hair. Fortunately the market is flooded with a numerous products and treatments that change the feel and look of the hair. Consumers have a variety of options to choose from, including products that can be used at home to produce temporary results and salon treatments that provide a more permanent change.

Hair Texture Remedies

Nutrition is one of the first place to start when it comes to hair improvement and overall being for that matter. The nutrients you can get from food, such as iron, zinc, and vitamins A, B, C and E, can help improve the texture of your hair tremendously.

Vitamins & Supplements are also great way of not only improving hair texture alone, but also acts as a natural growth aid in hopes of achieving longer stronger healthier hair. These supplements can provide the nutrients that are lacking in your daily diet and are needed by your hair for optimal growth.

Certain products are specifically designed to help aid in thicknening, giving your hair that voluminous quality it deserves. Other products serve as a means to lessen the thickness and fullness of your hair, reducing that bulk and heavy look and feel of your hair.

Do-It-Yourself Remedies

Once a month make a strong hibiscus tea and let it cool, add seaweed powder - enough to make a paste. Seaweed is very rich in calcium, minerals, and magnesium.

Add some orange oil to this mix and scrub your scalp with this mixture for approximately 5 minutes. Cover with a plastic cap and warm towel for 30 minutes. Rinse and let air dry.

Use a straightening iron to flatten curls or waves. If you have coarse, thick curls, using a straightener might be an option for you. Opt for a professional relaxing treatment if you want results that will last for more than a month.

Apply texturizing paste or gel to short or medium length hair, which will result in a "punkish," chunky look. Such products are particularly useful for creating spikes or bevels.

Use a thickening spray or mousse on fine, flat hair. Brushing the product through the hair with a wide tooth comb will maximize body and volume. Your hair stylist can also do this for you as part of a professional blowout with results that may last several days.

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