Hair Structure: Examining Your Hair

Most people think of hair in terms of being thick or fine, curly or straight, but there are several considerations when it comes to analyzing your hair.

Many people have little to no clue about the different terminology used to scrutinize their hair, and truth be told, it can be quite confusing. In this section, I will discuss the different terms used to examine your hair and how to improve the necessary ones.

By using these elements you can compare and judge for yourself whether you have fine or thick hair, straight hair with good elasticity and low porosity, coarse hair, thin hair, curly hair with high porosity and low elasticity, or just something in between. Knowing these different terms professionals use, and being able to analyze your own head of hair will help you to make better choices when it comes to styles and services you are interested in.

Professionals and stylists are trained to look at your hair and recognize the different elements in order to determine your overall hair type. Each of these elements combined together gives you an endless variety in hair typing. One thing to remember is that analyzing your hair is a matter of comparison, so the next time you are with friends take a close look at their hair and make a note of the way their hair differs from yours. Compare their hair to yours using the given categories below.


Hair texture varies from person to person, and can even be different in separate areas on your head...


When someone says you have "thick" hair they are referring to your density. Density measures the amount of strands on your head...


Porosity deals with moisture and your hair's ability to absorb it or not...


Hair with good elasticity will stretch up to 50% its original length then return back to normal...

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