Combination Hair

Alas, the oh-so complicated combo pack!!! Combination hair is a mixture of both greasy hair and dry hair. The hair is greasy at the roots and dry or split at the ends.

This type of hair looks good after shampooing with the exception of the ends. Split ends are the major problem in this category of hair, and the ends tend to look lighter then the roots.

Combo hair is usually common in those with long hair, curly hair, those who over wash, or those with dandruff. The dry flakes immerse the oil from the scalp, preventing it to travel down the hair shaft.

Cause of Combination Hair

Combination hair is caused by an oily scalp. Active sebaceous glands produce sebum, which is absorbed at the base of the scalp and not traveling along the hair shaft, because of this the roots of the hairs are oily whereas the ends of the hairs are dry, frizzy and are very much prone to breakage and splitting.

Aside from natural active sebaceous glands that makes the scalp oily, oily scalp can also derive from things such as:

Chemical treatments: Constant use of coloring, streaking, or relaxing is responsible for this hair type. Monthly treatments such as these are to be avoided in order to get your hair back on track.

Humidity: Air from the summer months can cause the scalp to be oily and add up to the natural secretions of the scalp. This causes hair problems like bad odour, itchiness of the scalp, dandruff and hair fall.

Products: Over use of conditioners, gels and styling products contributes a lot to combo hair. Be sure to monitor the amount used each time to avoid product build-up.

Pollution: Over exposure to sun light and harmful rays are also reasons to combo hair

Caring for Your Combo-Pack Hair

Combination hair is probably the most difficult type of hair to take care of. Looking for a treatment that will take care of oily scalp but suit dry hair can be quite tricky. At the same time, this is not an uncommon problem.

Give separate attention to scalp and ends of the hairs and learn to manage your combo pack hair with the suggestions below.

*Prepare a power pack for your combo pack hair. Make a mix with 3 egg whites, 1 tsp glycerin and 2 Tbsp castor oil. Apply the mixture to your hair and let it sit for about 30 minutes before washing it off.

*Give your scalp an astringent treatment before shampooing and wash your hair with a mild pH balanced shampoo. Ensure that you do not use a shampoo with harsh chemicals, as it would dry the scalp excessively, making the sebaceous glands overproduce sebum instinctively.

*Prevent hair from drying by conditioning when you wash. Use a light conditioner on the ends of your combination hair if short, or from the midway length if longer. Conditioner should NOT be applied to the scalp, as it will make the scalp oilier.

*You can even condition on the days you don’t shampoo if your hair really needs it. Just rinse the ends with lukewarm water and condition as you normally would. Choose a conditioner with sunscreen to cut back on sun damage. For excessively dry hair, try a hot oil treatment on the ends only.

*Apply Jojoba oil on just the ends of your hair making sure to avoid your scalp. This will keep the ends moisturized without producing oil on your scalp.

*Remove dry ends as soon as you notice them by lightly dusting or trimming them off too avoid damage to other hairs.

*Seek advice. Talk to others about your combination hair they may have recommendations for products or techniques you can try and may be able to suggest a style that can dry nicely naturally, reducing your need for blow-drying.

You can remove the dryness, and remain with an oily scalp or fight off the oil, but still retain dried up ends, whatever you do, do not lose sight of your ideal hair. Tackle them both with a combination of the right products and


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