Hi, my name is Kevin and welcome to my website,Healthy-Oil-Planet.com. I'd like to thank Len Peralta at FlipFace for his cartoon drawing of me on the home page).

I got interested in nutritional supplements, including healthy oils, over 25 years ago when I started body-building. At the time, I became obsessed with fitness and working out. I'd absorb every bit of information that could give me the edge in building muscle and getting healthier.

Reading an old bodybuilding magazine called Muscle & Fitness, I stumbled across an interesting article on the health benefits of fish oils and omega 3 fatty acids. Back then, no one was talking about how important fish oils were...not like today.

This planted the seed for my continued interest and research on nutritional supplements and functional foods. All this laid the groundwork for my studies in the health sciences and I now work as a Registered Respiratory Therapist at a local hospital.

I've been actively working for over 18 years, with Doctors and Nurses in Emergency Rooms and Intensive Care Units, caring for patients with a variety of medical ailments. Some patients are so sick we may need to put them on life support machines. The work is never boring and the end result can be very satisfying.

How I Built This WebsiteI love surfing the internet. I think it's a great way to search for all kinds of information.

Seeing all those websites out there, I've always wanted to create my own website. Only problem is I didn't know anything about web design or how to build one.

One day, I came across a self-study course called Solo Build It.

Solo Build It takes you by the hand and shows you how to build a successful website. You'll learn how to create a website based on your particular hobbies or interests. This is exactly what I've done with Healthy-Oil-Planet.com.

What I like about owning a website is I can share my interest with other like-minded people. Since launching Healthy-Oil-Planet.com, my traffic is steadily increasing to hundreds of visitors a day and I'm making a nice part-time income from advertising and affiliate links.

Learn how I build my SBI website and how you can do the exact same thing right here!

These results allow me to spend more time with my son, Jeremy. One of our favorite activities is skateboarding. This picture was taken during one of our weekend road trips to a skatepark in North Dakota.

And the bodybuilding obsession? I'm still going strong after 25 years of working out.

Healthy-Oil-Planet.com was created to share my passion and interest in healthy oils with health-conscious people like yourself. While I do appreciate the importance and efficacy of modern medicine, I also believe there are natural alternatives that may offer positive results...some with less side effects than traditional methods.

Are you wondering if emu oil is good for your skin? Not sure what Oil of Oregano is good for? I hope to answer all your questions right here. All information is based on my personal experiences, as well as any research I could dig up. I'm constantly adding to my site so please come back and visit often!

I hope you find your visit here pleasant and informative. Thanks for checking out Healthy-Oil-Planet.com and have a great day!

Wishing you good health,